Welcome To Mega Speed.    Manufacturer And Designer Of High Speed Cameras.

Mega Speed’s high speed products and services are used to analyse and capture events that are too fast for the human eye to see and then play the event back in super slow motion for detailed frame by frame image analysis and report generation.   Mega Speed offers high speed consulting and demonstration services through our global dealer network.   Backed by one of the industry’s top rated parts and labour warranty, you are guaranteed a worry free equipment purchase.

Hand Held Portables

Packed with more power than many PC connected cameras. The ultimate in portability with a light weight design, high power work lights, touch screen interface and high capacity solid state drives.
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PC Connected PC Connected

These cameras are high speed work horses. Great for several applications and feature higher internal memory capacities and advanced triggering capabilities.
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High Speed DVR’s
The perfect solution when your recording time requirement exceeds the memory capacity of other high speed cameras.
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Camera Rentals

Mega Speed® rents high speed camera models with speed ranges and image sizes to satisfy most high speed imaging applications.

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